Improved Default

Updated on 2020-01-28 20:19:52
SHA1: 207296bf477770503fc1dd1b5dcc7a86992cfa37
Size: 170.63 kB

Slightly Improved Default Theme

This is a slightly improved version of the TeamSpeak 3 Client default theme.

Features / Enhancements

  • Enabled alternating row colors for treeviews and tables
  • Enabled animations when expanding and collasping branches in treeviews (macOS and Windows)
  • Enabled tear-off function for menus so you can detach menus into separate windows (Linux and Windows)
  • Tweaked option dialog headlines
  • Tweaked chat and infoframe font size
  • Tweaked chat and infoframe background colors to use QPalette::Base to resolve issues with dark system themes
  • Readded client UID and other information (client database ID, etc) via tooltips in infoframe template
  • Added customizable chat stylesheet using a slightly better classic color set
  • Added tiny icons to indicate server and client platform
  • Added tiny icons to indicate whether the channel codec is encrypted
  • Added unified title and toolbar (macOS)