Foobar Music Volume Ducking

Updated on 2018-12-05 11:22:18
SHA1: 0fb2ab01551187621a2630912090640bc87c2712
Size: 15.76 kB

This plugin automatically lowers the volume of music played by Foobar2000 when someone is talking.

This Plugin will automatically lower the volume (currently fixed at -10dB) of the music played by Foobar2000 using the WinAmp Foobar2000 Plugin.

Right now it is not possible to change the ducking volume. It is set to -10dB. I'm looking forward to changing that.

There are several commands though, that you can use to toggle/disable and enable the plugin without enabling or disabling it in the options menu:

  • /musicducking toggle and /musicducking onoff toggles the plugin on and off.
  • /musicducking enable and /musicducking enabled and /musicducking on enables the plugin.
  • /musicducking disable and /musicducking disabled and /musicducking off disables the plugin.