Telegram Bridge

Updated on 2020-06-30 12:56:25
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Adds Telegram - TeamSpeak Cross Communication

Telegram Bridge

This Plugin sends Telegram messages to the specified Telegram ID.


The configuration is done via the gui and can be accessed like this:
Tools -> Options -> Adons -> Plugins -> Telegram Bridge -> Settings.
You need to set your Telegram ID and the bot token.

User Chat ID

To obtain your Telegram ID you can for example send /start to the Bot @userinfobot (I'm in no way associated with this bot).

Group Chat ID

apadana gave a nice explanation on how to receive a group chat ID over on stackoverfow.

1- Add the bot to the group.
Go to the group, click on group name, click on Add members, in the searchbox search for your bot like this: @my_bot, select your bot and click add.  
2- Send a dummy message to the bot.
You can use this example: /my_id @my_bot
(I tried a few messages, not all the messages work. The example above works fine. Maybe the message should start with /)  
3- Go to following url:
replace XXX:YYYY with your bot token  
4- Look for "chat":{"id":-zzzzzzzzzz,
-zzzzzzzzzz is your chat id (with the negative sign).

Bot Token

If you don't know how to create a bot visit the Telegram Documentation. (I'm in no way associated with Telegram).
Those are the only things your configuration must contain.

Notification Matrix

The first coumn of tick boxes enables or disables messages on any event.
The following columns can be used to toggle under which conditions a message shall be sent.


  • a message is always sent no metter the conditions.


  • a message is sent when you are muted.


  • a message is sent when you are sound muted.


  • a message is sent when you are afk.

Microphone muted and disabled is treated the same way for now.
Sound muted and disables is treated the same for now.
All conditions are comapred with a locical or.
This means hitting one condition is enough to send a notification.


If this is toggled on you will receive a Telegram message once the plugin is initiated. (when you start TeamSpeak or reload the plugin)


Execute the ts3_plugin file and click install.
When first launching TeamSpeak the configuration file will be created and you should modify it to your wishes. When that's done you need to simply reload the plugin. To be able to recieve messages from a Telegram Bot you need to initialise the conversation first.


By now the plugin only works with Windows!


Currently built in langugaes are:

  • English (default)


If you have any problems, feature requests or questions contact me on @Gamer92000.
I'm fluent in both German and English.



some minor bugfixes
new layout for the gui


complete rebuild of backend
for now multi language support got removed
some settings got removed
added gui for config


added first multi language support
added white- / blacklist for client UUIDs
fixed url encoding - (added full UTF8 capability)


now supports responses from Telegram