Telegram Bridge

Updated on 2019-06-28 12:51:47
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Adds Telegram - TeamSpeak Cross Communication

Telegram Bridge

This Plugin sends a Telegram message to the specified Telegram ID.


The configuration is rather slim as I am new to C and TeamSpeak development.
When no configuration file is present, the plugin tries to create a new one a subfolder named TelegramBridge ~~of the plugins folder~~ in the Teamspeak default configuration folder - this is usually in the appdata folder of TeamSpeak.
Once the bot token is set correctly some language files will be created the default is lang.eng. You can also your own language files next to the existing ones They need to be named lang. followed by the name you want to give it. This name needs to be set in the config.
An example configuration could look like this:

TelegramID = 000000000
botToken = 000000000:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
IgnoreSelf = 1
NotifyOnPoke = 1
PokeMessageLevel = 1

You need to replace 00000000 with your Telegram ID.
If you don't know it, you can for example obtain it by sending /start to the Bot @userinfobot (I'm in no way associated with this bot).
Also you need to replace 000000000:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with your own bot token.
If you don't know how to create a bot visit the Telegram Documentation. (I'm in no way associated with Telegram).
Those are the only things your configuration must contain.
However you can specify a lot more!

  • PokeMessage default 0
  • 1 You will be notified when your recording device is muted.
  • 0 You won't be notified when your recording device is muted.
  • PokeMessageLevel default 7
  • 7 You will be notified when either the recording or the playback device is muted or the away status is turned on.
  • 0 You will always be notified
  • For all the level values in between check the configuration file created by the plugin.

You can also leave entrys out or rearrange them. Please make sure there is only one entry per line tho.


Execute the ts3_plugin file and click install.
When first launching TeamSpeak the configuration file will be created and you should modify it to your wishes. When that's done you need to simply reload the plugin. To be able to recieve messages from a Telegram Bot you need to initialise the conversation first.


By now the plugin only works with Windows 64 bit!


Currently built in langugaes are:

  • English (default)
  • German (translated by me)

more coming soon!
If you want to help me translate the plugin further feel free to contact me!


If you have any problems, feature requests or questions contact me on @Gamer92000.
I'm both fluent in both German and English.



added first multi language support
added white- / blacklist for client UUIDs
fixed url encoding - (added full UTF8 capability)


now supports responses from Telegram