Dark (Soundpack)

Updated on 2018-06-18 14:25:39
SHA1: 43daf3f5434146f601bde3a3be76faed0066a44f
Size: 16.57 MB

A soundpack with a deep dark male voice.


The dark soundpack features a deep pitched down male voice with an artificial touch.

I sounds a bit like what you'd probably expect to hear if you were wearing some type of experimental military high-tech combat armor.


Pre-release versions are available on GitHub.


Everyone can participate in soundpack development by reporting issues or forking the repository on GitHub.

Important: Before reporting an issue with the soundpack, please check previously reported issues and ensure that the issue has not been already reported.


This soundpack is released under a BSD 3-Clause License. See LICENSE.txt for details.


v0.1.0 - Intial preview release

  • Initial preview release