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Enhance your client with python scripts

pyTSon is a Python plugin for your TeamSpeak 3 client. It offers a python3 (current used version is Python 3.5.7) interface for the plugin sdk. This plugin makes your client scriptable, react on events or write your subroutines callable by hotkeys or from the client's menu.

Many classes of the Qt framework are wrapped as python classes, so you can easily add ui functionality to your scripts in pure python.


Changelog for v1.2.3:

New Features:

  • Testing: Standard stream encoding (eg. sys.stdout) is utf-8 now (this change should only affect Windows, it's default on all other platforms since the beginning)
  • Callbackproxies can now affect the global return value (if the callback has one)
  • Exceptions (in plugin callbacks) are now printed to verbose log
  • Added convenience function getConnectionVariable in ts3lib module
  • SSL support is now statically linked (on Unix systems)


  • Under specific circumstances a plugin with hotkeys could not be deactivated
  • Some lists coming from the C SDK were not correctly converted to a pythonlist
  • Emoticon settings from Iconpacks are now loaded with utf-8 encoding
  • ts3lib.getChannelIDFromChannelNames works now as expected
  • Iconpacks with duplicate entries are now loaded correctly
  • There was a typo in getClientVariable
  • Fixed some false documentation

Changelog for v1.2.2:

New Features:

  • pytsonui.setupUi can now take a new keyword argument extraWidgets with python implemented widgets to be used in ui files
  • ts3widgets.Serverview is now constructable by setupUi (schid parameter is now a keyword argument)
  • added some convenience functions to query variables (getChannelVariable, getClientVariable, getClientSelfVariable, getServerVariable) which will choose (in most cases) the right ctype function
  • plugincommands have now sender integrity builtin pyTSon (see for limitations and additional documentation)


  • ts3widgets.ServerviewModel will now react to kicked clients accordingly
  • Fixed a possible crash in initHotkeys
  • Adopted the variable handling of the plugin sdk's function requestClientSetWhisperList
  • Fixed a crash if some initial imports on pyTSon's initiation failed

For older changelogs, see