Updated on 2019-07-04 08:35:09
SHA1: 791ace21dc162a9800a5c6129c0ae4a56b7a485f
Size: 14.45 kB

Makes it almost impossible to move you out of your channel.

This light plugin prevents anybody from moving you out of your current channel. This is either good to prevent trolls or if you want to stay in an AFK channel for example. Also works with kick from channel. (The only way to counter NoMove, is to set your permissions to sticky client or remove your join permissions.)

To turn it on/off, go to Plugins and then NoMove.


1.4 -- Compatibility with API version 23. No state-save for now due to rewrite.

1.3 -- Saves plugin state (on or off) for next TeamSpeak start.

1.1 -- Small optimization, removed unnecessary things.