Sky Iconpack

Updated on 2019-08-09 13:24:39
SHA1: 07e8d6aff9bf3793478518764fc308c7b239cebb
Size: 2.19 MB

All icons are colored in a blue style, it's comparable with the sky.


Sky (Iconpack) - Description


This iconpack looks very clean and has a light design, which is easy comparable with the sky. Most of the icons do have the sky-blue color and it should have a fresh look!


It's your choise, if you want to use a light theme then you can use it without any problems. There's also no problem if you want to take a dark theme, it may look better too but it's your choise so it should be on your own.


Do not change or modify these icons in their configurations!

  • you're not allowed to make this as your own iconpack
  • you're not allowed to sell this iconpack
  • you're not allowed to steal any icons from this iconpack


Dieses Iconpack sieht sehr sauber aus und hat ein schön helles Design! Dies könnte man schon mit dem Himmel vergleichen. Die meisten Icons sind Himmels-Blau und haben ein frisches Aussehen!


Es ist deine Entscheidung, wenn du ein helles Theme verwenden möchtest, dann kannst du dies ohne Probleme verwenden. Falls du ein dunkles Theme nehmen möchtest, sieht es auch möglicherweise besser aus. Dies ist allein deine Entscheidung!


Du darfst nicht die Icons in den Konfiguration ändern!

  • Du darfst dies nicht zu deinem eigenen Iconpack zu machen.
  • Du darfst dieses Iconpack nicht verkaufen!
  • Du darfst diese Icons nicht als eigene Icons verwenden, insbesonders nicht klauen!



Public Build 0.4

23.07.2019 (myTeamSpeak update)

  • new and better improved description on myteamspeak
  • new banner/pictures


  • fixed alot of small things
  • removed a bunch unused files in package
  • removed unreferenced files in the configuration
  • added new banner to myteamspeak
  • added new icon: arrow_right.svg
  • added new icon: arrow_left.svg
  • added new icon: arrow_down.svg
  • added new icon: arrow_up.svg
  • added new icon: warning_question.svg
  • added new icon: warning_info.svg
  • activated icon: error.svg
  • activated icon: warning.svg

Public Build 0.3


  • changed permission_server_groups.svg icon
  • changed permission_overview.svg icon
  • changed permission_channel.svg icon
  • (they've got probably modified)

Public Build 0.2


  • should work with client 3.3+ now
  • fixed play.svg icon in the configuration
  • added german description on myTeamSpeak
  • added more informations in the description on myTeamSpeak (EN & DE)

Public Beta Build 0.100


  • released beta
  • fixed a few broke icons
  • added some more colors to different icons
  • made the color smoother

Public Build 0.09


  • fixed some items in the settings/configuration

Public Build 0.05


  • changed a few more icons

Public Build 0.03


  • fixed alot of icons
  • added some more colors

Public Alpha Build 0.01


  • released closed alpha