Sky Iconpack

Updated on 2019-06-14 12:46:51
SHA1: 8a42061584ec10617ea94f8fd10ab9e97842d10b
Size: 2.14 MB

All icons are colored in a blue style, it's comparable with the sky

Sky (Iconpack) - Description

This iconpack looks very clean and has a light design, which is easy comparable with the sky. Most of the icons do have the sky-blue color and it should have a fresh look!

Using this Iconpack

It's your choise, if you want to use a light theme then you can use it without any problems. There's also no problem if you want to take a dark theme, it may look better too but it's your choise so it should be on your own.


Do not change or modify these icons in their configurations!


=== Changelog ===

Public Beta Build 0.1

  • released beta
  • fixed a few broke icons
  • added some more colors do different icons
  • made the color smoother.

Public Build 0.09

  • fixed some items in the settings/configuration

Public Build 0.05

  • changed a few more icons

Public Build 0.03

  • fixed alot of icons
  • added some more colors

Public Alpha Build 0.01

  • released closed alpha