DarkenTS Style

Updated on 2017-07-21 14:53:57
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The Original. Sleek dark Style for TeamSpeak.


DarkenTS is a clean and simple style presenting itself in dark colours, originated from the need for an eye-friendly design. It's a total conversion covering all aspects of the TeamSpeak application, including basic support for most 3rd party addons!

The screenshots highlight selected areas of the program which includes the Main Window, the Options Menu, and the Permissions View.

The screenshot of the Main Window showcases extend information in the Info Frame. This feature is disabled by default. Find out how you can enable it in the Customisation section.



Download the attached file called DarkenTS_v1.5.3.ts3_style, double-click the file after the download is completed, and press the Install button.


Press the Install button.


It is recommended to download and install the dedicated Icon Pack. Doing not so will not break the design but it will definitely look less awesome!


Certain options may require foreknowledge on CSS, and third party programs.

  • Extended Info Navigate to '%APPDATA%\TS3Client\styles\DarkenTS_Extended', and copy and paste, and overwrite all .tpl's in the style root folder. Additionally you can backup all default .tpl's beforehand into the _Default folder (Recommended).
  • Scroll Bar button Open '%APPDATA%\TS3Client\styles\DarkenTS.qss', navigate to line 1390 and follow the instructions.
Due to fixes within the style Scroll Bar buttons are not needed. If you prefer Scroll Bar buttons feel free to enable them. This option requires a third party program (Notepad, Notepad++, Sublime, etc).
  • Tab Bar borders Open '%APPDATA%\TS3Client\styles\DarkenTS.qss', navigate to line 1466 and follow the instructions.
Due to changes within the style I consider this option legacy. However, if you do prefer borders around Server and Chat tabs feel free to enable them. **Important**: This option requires a little bit of experience in CSS, and a third party program (Notepad, Notepad++, Sublime, etc). TabBar Borders is set up as example and customisation to fit the theme or your own liking is needed. Use at own accountability.


Head over to the dedicated forum thread or open '%APPDATA%\TS3Client\styles\DarkenTS\Changelog\CHANGELOG.md' for a full changelog.


Do you have questions? Did you find a bug? Would you like to request a feature? Tell me!


My Thanks go to AGamer, Bluscream, Chris, D0mm4S, fonta, monkyyx, numma_cway, OtakuSupreme, Patrick1164, samueljegrant, and Shadow86 for supporting me with bug reports, feature wishes, and style help!

Colour variations

Are you tired of the same old thing? I got you covered with multiple colour interpretations based on the established DarkenTS framework.

You are hereDarkenTS - DissensionDarkenTS - Desolation


This work is licensed under the Brady Use-NoSharing-NoDerivatives 1.0 WW License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://brady-the.atwebpages.com/#aterms.


Use - Not only ok, but very much desired.

Copy-pasting to cheese-unlock myTeamSpeak developer badge - Not ok, not allowed.




- General: Due to a couple of reasons advanced information display will be restricted to English and German for now. An update to the new system may happen some time in the future.
- Update: Due to the way how TeamSpeak installation packages work, I recommend to de-install DarkenTS Style, and re-install them via the respective myTeamSpeak addon page to prevent bloating (marginal impact, but still an impact), if you are updating from a previous version.

2017-07-20 Version 1.5.3

  - Removed old default .tpl files
  + Added new default .tpl files
  + Added tooltip .tpl's
  - Removed png GUI graphics
  + Added svg GUI graphics
  * Minor fixes and tweaks