TSNotifier Helper Plugin

Updated on 2019-06-17 14:29:16
SHA1: 01c443deb94e5655c303a546edc92d7e5144e9aa
Size: 30.00 kB

Helper Plugin to allow TSNotifier to communicate with TS3.

TSNotifier is an external tool to provide an ingame-overlay for TS3. This plugin is required by TSNotifier to communicate with TS3. The plugin will not provide an overlay on it's own. You still need to download and install TSNotifier from Link.



  • updated for client plugin api 23


  • updated for client plugin api 22
  • the plugin will detect if the TSNotifier installation is outdated or missing and inform the user through the client log and by printing a message to the server-chat-tab of the first server the user connects to
  • if TSNotifier is launched automatically by the Helper Plugin (by enabling that option in TSNotifier) the plugin will also attempt to close TSNotifer when TS3 is closed