Connection History

Updated on 2019-07-02 09:20:43
SHA1: 91656fcc4e2b69c5e5f04c4364db4b1bef0611b7
Size: 250.30 kB

Plugin that keeps track of the servers you connect to, as well as the time you have spent on each server.

Connection History

Tired of sitting there desperately trying to remember that nice server you were invited to last month, but forgot to bookmark?

With this plugin it's going to be a thing of the past. Simply install it, and never worry again about forgetting to bookmark a server, or having to remember all the nice servers you connect to.

It will keep track of all the servers you connect to and will also track the time you spend on each of them. You'll also be able to easily connect to these servers again.


  • Keeps track of every server you connect to
  • Keeps track of time spent for every connection
  • Optionally show total time spent per server
  • Allows you to easily connect to any of the servers you've previously connected to (while the plugin was active)

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  • Updated for API 23
  • Removed 32 bit support