Kotthaufen Soundpack

Updated on 2017-05-27 20:37:17
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German Soundpack, Made by Kotthaufen


This Soundpack was made from the German Clan called Kotthaufen. We translated all Sounds to funny german Sounds.

Copyright is by me, Im the Creator of this Soundpack.


Its very simple to install, just Open the Addon Installer and install the Addon by the Window that opens. Then go in Teamspeak and go to Options. There you find a Button on the left side called "Addons" or "Erweiterungen". Here at the top is a list of Things, that you can install, one of that is "Sound Packs" there you can find the installed one and just Activate it. Have fun with that Pack! :)

Our Speakers

  • Danii
  • Louis
  • Anton
  • Simon
  • Veit
  • Maurice
  • Jonas
  • Tim
  • Luca
  • Julius