Extended Client Info

Updated on 2020-11-27 08:38:33
SHA1: e262d3df1e54bbc26fb2636bde07cb6fb088d425
Size: 54.64 kB

This theme brings back old advanced details and colours in chat

This theme adds additional client & channel information.
It's useful for Admins when you need any ID of a user without searching for it.
And it can be used from anyone who liked the old chat colors.

  • Client:
  • Client ID
  • Client Unique ID
  • Client Database ID
  • Connections
  • Operation system as an icon
  • Client Build date and time
  • Active Badges
  • Channel:
    • Channel ID
    • Current users and max channels only use one line
    • Voice Data Encryption status
    • Moderated icon
    • Pen Icon next to the description
  • Chat colors use the style before 2014
    • Red for users, bans and kicks
    • Blue for disconnects
    • Bold blue for Channel & Server name
    • Green for connects
    • etc...


Updated Company logo in Chat and Info view.