Global Filebrowser

Updated on 2019-05-06 14:42:38
SHA1: 9ca42d68fb476ef77fa4cd508a070540e7a926a8
Size: 234.00 kB

Filebrowser that displays all files on the server

Filebrowsing the easier way

  • No more cumbersome messing around with half a dozen dialogs
  • Easily move files around channels or folders.
  • Download or delete multiple files in any number of channels with ease
  • Have an overview of available files on the server
  • See information at a glance
    • Total size of all files in server / channel / folder
    • Used and available Quota on the server
  • Supports multiple servers (No cross server interaction though)

Known Limitations

  • No support for resume / cancel
  • No support for Mac currently.


This is a beta release! There will be problems and you will probably find something not working quite right. If you do please report issues.
The author cannot be held reliable for any damage to your server, such as lost or corrupted files or any other malfunctions.

Bugs & Feedback

Please report bugs over on GitHub.