Updated on 2017-06-12 14:46:48
SHA1: 0f0f06c22ecb8127636bd38b41b900502f9e659a
Size: 14.65 kB

Just a dark and clean looking theme! Looks best with the DarkenTS Icon pack!

Demus Stylepack


This theme is aimed at people, that like dark and modern looking apps!


I recommend using the DarkenTS Icon pack when installing this theme:


  • Dark mode for the main window
  • Dark mode for other GUI elements

To do:

  • Add missing components to the style pack
  • Fix some inconsistencies in the pack
  • (Add multiple accent colors to the pack, if requested) <- if im in the mood ^^


You are NOT allowed to:

  • Rename this pack and upload it as yours
  • Modify this pack and upload it with your name on
  • Provide mirrors by re-uploading this pack
  • Copy and paste code or whole files into your pack

You are allowed to:

  • Use and record this pack (stream, video)
  • Modify it for your own only - without sharing it online


=== 1.0 - (2017-04-26)

  • Initial release (not 100% complete)