Updated on 2017-08-21 07:40:41
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Just a dark and clean looking theme! Looks best with the DarkenTS Icon pack!

Demus Stylepack

!Only compatible with TS 3.1.5 or above!

If you update from 1.0 or 1.1 you may need to uninstall the theme first to get the new translated client/server/channel info


This theme is aimed at people, that like dark and modern looking apps!


  • I recommend using the DarkenTS Icon pack when installing this theme:
  • For suggestions/bug reports, you can contact me via: [email protected]


You are NOT allowed to:

  • Rename this pack and upload it as yours
  • Modify this pack and upload it with your name on
  • Provide mirrors by re-uploading this pack
  • Copy and paste code or whole files into your pack

You are allowed to:

  • Use and record this pack (stream, video)
  • Modify it for your own only - without sharing it online


=== 1.2.2 - (2017-08-14)
+ Added support for server nicknames (ts 3.1.6)
* Added custom client nickname to clientinfo
* Changed scrollbars
- Fixed sync buttons in addons
- Bugfixes here and there

=== 1.2.1 - (2017-07-31)
* Improved addons page in settings
* Adjusted main listview in settings
* Improved the consistency of some controls
* Changed the size of radiobuttons/checkboxes back to 16px

=== 1.2 - (2017-07-28)
! Dropped support for ts 3.1.4 and lower
+ Added translation support
+ Added design for tooltips in serverview
* Redesigned assets again (now .svg files)
* Improved server/client/channel info
* Slight adjustments to chat
* Changed design of main chat textfield

=== 1.1 - (2017-07-06)
+ Added missing GUI controls
* Redesigned assets
* Reworked settings/permissions/other interface
* Adjusted colors in some areas

=== 1.0 - (2017-04-26)
+ Initial release (not 100% complete)