DayZ Server IP

Updated on 2016-12-19 09:20:17
SHA1: 2eca095515addbb4f21768c500a03543640c6e19
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show/distribute current DayZ server IP

DayZ Server IP


This plugin can show and automatically distribute and update the IP and name of the server that you're playing on across all your teammates in your channel. No more need to type the IP into the chat yourself or to join via Steam's friendlist.


  • Whenever you join a server, a message to your current channel is sent. The plugin picks up on the message and updates the "player list" section (treeview in the lower half of the GUI).
  • If you don't like or need the GUI, just close it. The plugin will keep running.
  • The data in the "player list" section is saved to disk.


There is a manual that'll get you up and running in a minute!


This plugin is still in development. Things might change, bugs may come and go and a newer release may or may not play well with an older one. Although I try to keep the inconveniences for the user (you!) as few as possible, this is still 0.x software for a reason. But at least there are no zombies or players sitting in glitched rooms in here.



👉 This is mostly a more polished 0.6.


  • save/restore window position and size
  • save/restore column width in player list
  • add icons to buttons for easier recognizability
  • after clicking Clear, a message box will ask what to do


  • fix refactoring mistake (using wrong variable) that didn't have any impact yet


  • remove Log button and functionality, it was superfluous (I didn't know)
  • move Clear and Sitrep buttons to the bottom for more horizontal screen space
  • after 20 runs, no more debug messages to logfile
  • improve documentation, move things to separate files
  • some refactoring