DarkenTS - Desolation Style

Updated on 2017-09-11 10:56:39
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Sleek green Style for TeamSpeak


DarkenTS - Desolation is the third installation in the established DarkenTS series, presenting the TeamSpeak interface in an all-new brown-green facelift. Besides covering all areas of the TeamSpeak application, DarkenTS - Desolation also includes basic support for most 3rd party addons!

The screenshots highlight selected areas of the program which includes the Main Window, the Options Menu, and the Permissions View.

The screenshot of the Main Window showcases extend information in the Info Frame. This feature is disabled by default. Find out how you can enable it in the Customisation section.



Download the attached file called DarkenTS-Desolation_v1.1.ts3_style, double-click the file after the download is completed, and press the Install button.


Press the Install button.


It is recommended to download and install the dedicated Icon Pack. Doing not so will not break the design but it will definitely look less awesome!


  • Extended Info Navigate to
    ├ Windows: '%AppData%\TS3Client\styles\DarkenTS-Desolation\Customisation\1 - Info Display'
    ├ Linux: '~/.ts3client/styles/DarkenTS-Desolation/Customisation/1 - Info Display'
    ├ macOS: '~/Library/Application Support/TeamSpeak 3/styles/DarkenTS-Desolation/Customisation/1 - Info Display'
    └ and follow the instructions in the README.


Head over to the dedicated forum thread or open
├ Windows: '%AppData%\TS3Client\styles\DarkenTS-Desolation\Changelog\CHANGELOG.txt'
├ Linux: '~/.ts3client/styles/DarkenTS-Desolation/Changelog/CHANGELOG.txt'
└ macOS: '~/Library/Application Support/TeamSpeak 3/styles/DarkenTS-Desolation/Changelog/CHANGELOG.txt
for a full changelog.


Do you have questions? Did you find a bug? Would you like to request a feature? Tell me!


My Thanks go to OtakuSupreme for supporting me with bug reports, feature wishes, and style help!

Colour variations

Are you tired of the same old thing? I got you covered with multiple colour interpretations based on the DarkenTS framework.

DarkenTSDarkenTS - DissensionYou are here


This work is licensed under the Brady Use-NoSharing-NoDerivatives 1.0 WW License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://brady-the.atwebpages.com/#aterms.


Use - Not only ok, but very much desired.

Copy-pasting to cheese-unlock myTeamSpeak developer badge - Not ok, not allowed.



2017-09-11 Version 1.1

- Fixed wrong default tree_tooltip_colours: - Thank you, Scratch.
- Fixed colours of vertical Sliders - Thank you, Scratch.
+ Added disabled colour state for QCheckBox and QRadioButton
+ Added disabled state for QGroupBox
+ Added QSplitter to certain elements
+ Updated default serverinfo.tpl to newest standards, including server nickname support
* Renamed Extended Info Display into Extended Legacy Info Display
+ Added Extended 2017 Info Display (highly WIP, see README)
+ Added user-friendly style customisation. Open
  '~/.ts3client/styles/DarkenTS-Desolation/Customisation', or
  '~/Library/Application Support/TeamSpeak 3/styles/DarkenTS-Desolation/Customisation'
  for more information.
+ Added DarkenTS-Desolation_linux.qss to fix some problems unique to Linux installations.
+ Added DarkenTS-Desolation_mac.qss to fix some problems unique to macOS installations.
- Moved font-size values to DarkenTS-Desolation_win.qss to improve compatibility for other platforms.
* Minor fixes and tweaks