Updated on 2020-01-27 19:15:46
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Extensible dark contrasted theme and icon pack corresponding to neko styling conventions


This is my personal TeamSpeak theme which uses my main design scheme and specification that I share across many of my day to day applications.

Quick summary of the main interface features:

  • Dark theme that resides on the darker side of things
  • Consistent design across all application interfaces
  • Contrasted icons with visible highlights and easy grepping
  • More spacious and breathable design for most elements and containers
  • Core server group and channel icon remakes

This theme's primary intention is bringing a bit of new life to the somewhat dated TeamSpeak core interface, while still retaining the structure that is familiar to most of us.


TeamSpeak Application

This is the toughest one. Just press install.

TeamSpeak Website

Simply hit the download button to download the style. From there, open the TeamSpeak style add-on with the application for it to be automatically installed.


Simply clone or download this repository and then move the directories within teamspeak to your application data TeamSpeak directory. On Windows this would be located under "%appdata%/TS3Client"; on OSX "Application Support/TeamSpeak 3". The folder structures should be kept the same. After that, the theme should be available as both a style and an icon pack within your preferences.


This add-on in itself contains a corresponding icon pack of the same name making installation hassle free. Feel free to use your own though but keep in mind the icons were made with the contrasted highlights in mind!


The theme itself has been well documented and segmented as much as possible and uses a core set of variables and color declarations that should easily allow you to search and replace instances within the source code. This way, simple modifications of highlights and accents should come with ease without breaking much of the theme itself.

Come to find a design inconsistency or anything else of the sort? Either pop me an email at [email protected] or make a pull-request on the GitHub repository this theme resides in.

Speaking of which: If you're interested in my other themes and configurations, head over to my GitHub profile. You'll also find the source mirror of this style there as well within my personal neko-config repository!

License & Attribution

As is specifically stated in the source of this theme as well; this theme takes major inspiration and conventions from other themes such as DarkenTS by Brady_The, as well as the fork of that theme titled Demus by GrumpyDemus. Furthermore, it uses some code from the original Hivecom TeamSpeak skin which was based on Steam Skin by Adante.

The icon pack is based on a selection of icons ranging from material design derived ones with now contrasted edges, remakes of the original Steam icon pack and completely new icons custom made to fit the theme.

There is no license since this theme builds on derivatives from many others over the years. Feel free to edit and redistribute the theme as you see fit. Credit where you feel it's due.




  • Fix 3D Sound Setup widget not having the right background color.



  • Improve disabled widget and drop-down menu selections.



  • Initial release of the style and icon-pack.