Updated on 2019-06-25 13:09:48
SHA1: 83e85592183fe729c93464561a5e8e36b0396021
Size: 71.33 kB

AutoMute will let you choose, if you want to join servers muted. It will automaticly mute your mic and your speakers when you join a server.

Do you sometimes join Teamspeak Servers just to chill and wait without necessarily speaking to people? Well, this is the right plugin for you!

When i'm alone on a Server or i'm just busy, i don't want me mic/speakers to be activated. That's why i often join servers and instantly mute myself. Because i'm a lazy guy, i wrote this plugin to automate this process.


  • Toggle AutoMute through a simple GUI
  • Choose to get muted on all Servers or specific Servers
  • Saved even after quitting TeamSpeak

If there is anything wrong with the plugin or you got any feedback or improvements, feel free to contact me through my TeamSpeak Forum Account.



Version 1.0.0 (22.06.2018):

  • Initial Release of the Plugin

Version 1.1.5 (05.12.2018):

  • Added option to get muted on all Servers or specific Servers
  • Added a simple GUI

Version 1.1.6 (18.06.2019):

  • Updated API Version to 23