Admin Tools

Updated on 2016-12-19 09:17:55
SHA1: 7acd68f19ceca871b438157d605b384000eb5c0d
Size: 8.74 kB

Some useful tools for TeamSpeak server admins/moderators

This plugin is made for hard-working TeamSpeak admins and moderators. The current features are:

  • Move all users of the selected channel to your channel
  • Move all users from your channel to the selected channel
  • Kick all users from the selected channel
  • Kick all users in the selected channel from the server

New features will be added soon.


Added new channel menu items:
- "Move all users from this channel to your channel"
- "Move all users in your channel to this channel"
- "Kick all users from this channel"
- "Kick all users in this channel from the server"