Danish Translation

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Danish Translation of TS3 Client.

Danish Client translation.


This is a full translation of the TS3 Client. (1.0 - (TS3 - v3.0.16+) It makes your whole TS3 to Danish. Everything from bookmarks to settings. It is Practical for Dane who do not understand English very well.


  • All the text in TeamSpeak 3 client translated to Danish. A easyer way (for danes) to use teamspeak if you english skills are bad. Recommended use, with my Danish soundpack

Fun Fact.

  • All the translated is (pretty much) done by myself. (But for 3-4 years ago) The will be some bugs, but report them to me, and i will try to fix it.


This addon is still in development. It will perhaps never be really finished. Things will might be change over time. If you experience problems, do not hesitate to send me an email. But, now i am just happy that i can bring it for you!

Addon version: 1.0 - (TS3 - v3.0.16+)


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